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  • binesh mishra

    binesh mishra

  • Tianchen Wu

    Tianchen Wu

    Data & Cloud Engineer

  • Cesar Curcio

    Cesar Curcio

  • Karen Bajador

    Karen Bajador

    Data and cloud engineer by trade. I mainly write about Tech. Interested in Cloud technology and personal finance.

  • Vikram RH

    Vikram RH

  • Izek Chen

    Izek Chen

    Site Reliability Engineer | Elastic Certified Engineer | CKAD/CKA certified engineer.

  • Francisco Debs

    Francisco Debs

  • Felipe Hoffa

    Felipe Hoffa

    Data Cloud Advocate at Snowflake ❄️. Originally from Chile, now in San Francisco and around the world. Previously at Google. Let’s talk data.

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